Surprises in the Walls!

When you find something isn't working as it should, people often jump to conclusions guessing what is causing the problem. Case in point, an expensive jacuzzi bathtub where the jets had all stopped working. Often owners assume the tub will have to be pulled or the bathroom opened up to get to the motor that runs the jets. They wonder how much the replacement parts will cost, and often leave the job, fearing the cost involved. However when calling on a fully trained and licenced Electrician, the mystery can be solved, and often for less than expected. In this case, a new air conditioning unit had been installed by another licenced electrician. However when installing the new air conditioner, rather than taking the time to add to the panel for the new equipment, he disconnected something else and connected the A/C. The previous electrician simply repurposed the existing wires found in the panel. The fuse he decided to use in the panel already powered the hot tub! Once the issue was discovered the fix was an easy one, taking little time and no mess in the bathroom. In rearranging the panel, everything could run properly within the panel. The home owners were impressed with how easy it was to have a running jet tub again, and equally impressed that the bill wasn't anywhere near as high as they had expected. Another job completed, leaving happy home owners. I was very pleased that the completion of the job came with a free slice of amazing homemade chicken pot pie! Thanks George and Phylis.

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