At BearWires Electric, I provide residential and commercial electrical services.  I'm also a contractor, and do full room Renos.  I remove walls, update electrical, redo and update insulation, drywall, tape and mud, sand and paint.  I also do full trim, crown moulding, and specialty woodworking like arches!  I prefer to do my work under permits with full inspections. The paperwork from my services can add to the value of your home when selling your home later!

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With over 20+ years of electrical and building experience, BearWires offers high quality craftsmanship and professionally licensed electrical services. BearWires is fully licensed, and insured, offering customers peace of mind that any job completed will be done to your satisfaction and within a reasonable time frame. 

I'm a Master Electrician, and proud owner of BearWires Electric.  I hold an Electrical Construction and Maintenance Certificate of Qualifications and additional certification in WHMIS, and Fall Arrest Training Elevated Work Platform.  

I have a background as lead Electrician for larger companies building Walmarts, Canadian Tires, Shoppers Drug Marts, Restaurants, and franchise stores throughout Ontario.  I have changed to working on my own so that I can stay local, accepting Residential work and smaller scale Commercial jobs.